Business Model

BrightSpot operates under a broad and flexible mandate to ensure a diverse and robust pipeline of projects. We identify demand and supply where markets are underserved, and leverage niche opportunities, such as medium-scale commercial solar, brownfield redevelopment. In doing so, we are able to create environmental solutions and promote job creation. We source projects and capital creatively, and stay out of crowded spaces. Our experience and contacts extend beyond the traditional metropolitan corridors and into rural communities.
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Add Value

Find sustainability projects where one or more of BrightSpot’s core competencies can add value:

  • Renewable energy project development
  • Real estate redevelopment
  • Brownfield redevelopment
  • Energy storage, water treatment technology

Work within Local Community Characteristics

Work with community stakeholders to develop and build sustainability solutions, use existing infrastructure, support local economies, while maintaining the character of the local area

Flexible Capital Structure

Secure attractive project financing to fit the needs of investors, including off balance sheet vehicles, debt, equity and tax equity

Leverage Incentives

Leverage incentives, such as Designated Opportunity Zones and U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Renewable Energy Assistance Program funding