Brownfield Redevelopment at Abandoned Manufacturing Site

VISION: Remediate and redevelop exterior and interior of an abandoned manufacturing site to make the entire property:

  • Viable and preferred location for new industrial businesses
  • Engine of job creation and supporter of the local community
  • Source of pride for residents and businesses in the local community
  • Example of successful public-private partnership between the Maryland Department of Environment, municipality, the commercial lender and private developer


Business Expansion and Improved Energy Efficiency at Refrigerated Storage Facility

VISION: Retrofit existing space at a refrigerated storage facility facility to provide:

  • Modern, refrigerated storage for local and regional businesses
  • Support for local businesses and job creation within the property and related to transportation of refrigerated goods to and from facility
  • Renewable energy to power industrial refrigeration needs
  • Example of successful private development using the new federal opportunity-zone investment designation

Unused Agricultural Land Redevelopment

VISION: Bring commercial-scale solar energy as alternative to fossil fuels for cost-competitive renewable electricity generation

  • Economically productive reuse of land through an environmentally beneficial approach
  • Competitive energy rates for commercial-scale use
  • Source of pride for businesses and community
  • Example of integrated, solutions-oriented approach to develop a stand-alone renewable energy project, redevelop unused land and provide economic and environmental benefits to the community